23 June 2010

Statement regarding Lundin Petroleum’s role in Sudan

In respect of the unfounded allegations and accusations that have appeared in the Swedish media recently, Lundin Petroleum on behalf of itself and its management and board of directors, denies being in any way directly or indirectly involved or complicit in any alleged wrongdoings in Sudan.

Lundin Petroleum recognises that the long-standing civil war in Sudan was very difficult for the population. Through our process of stakeholder engagement and community development projects, we believe that the Companyplayed a positive role in the peace and development of that country.
Lundin Petroleum has not been contacted by the Swedish prosecutor in respect of an investigation and we have no information of such an investigation other than what has been publicly disclosed in the media. We will however cooperate fully with any official and impartial attempt to establish the truth about Lundin Petroleum’s role in Sudan.

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