This website is maintained by Orrön Energy to provide publicly available information about the Swedish Prosecution Authority’s ongoing investigation into the Company’s historic operations in Sudan and any related proceedings.

In June 2010, the Swedish Prosecution Authority initiated a preliminary investigation into Lundin’s activities in southern Sudan from 1997 to 2003 in an area called Block 5A, where we operated as part of a consortium formed with the Malaysian company Petronas, the Austrian company OMV and the Sudanese company Sudapet.

None of Lundin’s representatives committed or were complicit in any violations of international humanitarian law by the Government of Sudan or associated militia and we know that Lundin did nothing wrong.

Lundin and its representatives have cooperated continuously and proactively with the investigation since it began in 2010 and we continue to have significant concerns about the fairness and legal basis of this case.

Our firm belief is that Lundin was a force for development in Sudan and did everything in our power to advocate for peace by peaceful means in the country.